What I’ve Learned From Living with My Girlfriend

Hi everyone! Happy Holidays! This is going to be a different style of blog. If you haven’t figured it out already from the title, I’m Parker, Alexis’s boyfriend, and I’m writing a blog post for her. She doesn’t know that I’m writing this and the whole idea is technically one of her Christmas gifts from me. Basically, two years ago, Alexis wrote a blog entry, “What I’ve Learned from Living with My Boyfriend,” and since then she has wanted me to write her a response blog. Of course, since this is me we’re talking about, it taken me two years to get to this point. And so, without further ado, Merry Christmas Alexis!  Here is my response on what I’ve learned about living with you after two years.


  1. Sharing is Caring. It’s cliché, sure, but it’s the truth. Be reasonable about what really is yours. If you care about your SO, you’ll know that the “What’s mine is yours” comes in to play, not because you’re forced to share, but because setting boundaries with who is allowed to use what is absurd and a little messy.


  1. The Bill. Listen, we’re all grown-ups here. If you, for whatever reason, can’t afford to spend the money for two every night, you should either make a dinner at home, or agree to split the bill. It’s totally understandable to split the bill if you’re low on money, or trying to save up for some present for your sweetie. This also applies to buying groceries, split footing the money for this and low-and-behold, it’s half the cost for more food.


  1. Transparency. If you have a problem, discuss it with your SO. Why let anything get bottled up with the person you care most about? If there’s an issue you have, or something you have on your mind, be open about and communicate. Communication is, and will forever be, the healthiest part of being in a relationship.


  1. Find time to see one another. This is one of those broader ideas. Find a point in your day, can be in the middle or at the end of the day, to just devote your time to your SO. It can be hard to distinguish that person you care about as not just your roommate after living together for so long. Listen to how their day was, talk about things you want to do or are excited for, plan out things for the weekend.


  1. Dinner during the week. A good rule of thumb for Alexis and me is if you are the first one home, it’s best if you’re the one to start on making dinner. I’m not a great cook. Hell, I’m not even a good cook. But I still have a few meals I have on rotation that work any time I’m home first.


  1. Binge-watching. Yep. This is my last point. I know, kinda lame, but I can’t handle binge-watching a show for more than a few hours. I get a headache and feel like my day is going to waste. But, Alexis loves watching television, which means Netflix is always on. I find that after I reach that point of being sick of the show, it’s the best time to go off and do something on my own (work, video games, reading, etc.) It also helps that I can usually just tune out whatever is on and focus on work and pay attention to the shows periodically.


Well, that’s about as much as I could think of. Living with Alexis is an absolute delight (although don’t let her know that, her ego is big enough as it is.) If I am somehow roped in to doing another of these, I’ll speak to you all two years after that point!


Merry Christmas, Alexis!


My Blog Moved!

Hi guys!

I just wanted to let you all know that my blog has actually moved over to a Square Space Account. If you still want to receive blog post notifications you can subscribe here: https://coasttocoastwithalexis.com/subscribe-here/

Much love!


I got an IUD?

Hey guys,

I’ve been on this journey for a while; more specifically the week I got back to Boston. It originally started because I wanted a birth control method I didn’t have to remember to take every day. I started taking birth control during my freshman year to help with my menstrual cramps and my acne. After two years of often forgetting to take the pill and I began to look into other birth control methods that would help with my cramps. My first thought was the patch but I would still have to remember to replace it. I also have this thing about things on my skin. I don’t enjoy it at all. A lot of my friends have IUD’s so I asked them what they thought about it and they said that they love theirs, so I decided to schedule an appointment.

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I Do Pilates Now?

Hey lovelies,

About a month ago I decided to get into pilates. I don’t think I’ve ever been so dedicated to a fitness regimen as I have with this and it’s so fun that I thought I’d tell you all about it. So let’s get into it.

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